Our clients plan their futures with confidence, fully informed by an audit they can trust. You'll receive professionally verified results and insights that help you grow.

Owners, shareholders, and regulators alike expect more from the auditing and financial reporting of a business.

While it remains an important compliance measure that builds transparency and a complete picture of your financial position and regulatory obligations, it is also a foundation for robust future decisions and an indicator of exposure and risk areas.

We use a global audit methodology, named LEAP, which is fully compliant with International Standards on Auditing (ISA). This helps our office to implement international standards as a minimum and use an audit process supported by state-of-the-art technology.

How can we help you?

Our teams perform engagements with a balance of experience, scale, innovation and skill and the highest levels of quality:

  • Financial statement audits
  • Financial statement reviews
  • Systems audit
  • Internal audit
  • Project audit 
  • Agreed upon-procedures.
  • Compliance audit
  • Capacity assessment 
  • Reporting on controls at service organisations
  • Investigation audits.

Why Grant Thornton?

At the heart of our approach is the belief that robust, independent audits identify the root causes of accounting issues and deliver tailored and effective recommendations. At Grant Thornton we offer more than just auditing. With local market knowledge and personalized attention from partners and managers, we offer understanding and provide insights that help our clients succeed.

Best of local and global insights

Bringing finely tuned local knowledge together with global expertise from over 148 countries in the Grant Thornton network, we help you see the bigger picture so that you can make your next move with confidence.

+40 years of local experience

Formerly known as A.W. Thomas LP, our Audit wing has been operating in Ethiopia since 1981. We have built a national reputation and vast client base comprised of public entities, international investors, private entities, and NGOs.

Commitment to audit quality

Quality is foundational to the entire firm, with responsibility lying with every professional, and the system of quality control is set up to ensure the audit and assurance services we provide are consistent with that foundation, and underlie our commitment to quality first, quality always.

Our tools

Grant Thornton incorporates new technologies in the way services are provided, increasing efficiency, improving quality, which offers increased value to Audit and Assurance services. Applying global audit tools enables transparent and complete information to aid stakeholders in decision making.

  • Grant Thornton’s global audit tool for LEAP methodology
  • Data extraction software - IDEA
  • IFRS compliance verification software - Pentana.

We coordinate, cooperate, and communicate based on our shared global strategy, which ultimately leads to greater consistency and better quality.

  • Audit quality monitoring.
  • Global audit technology

Key services

  • Performance management



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